Rabu, 15 Februari 2017

PayBack Program on the Internet is Finally Available to the English Market.

New Generation Online Marketing

Accelerate your Business! The most innovative Traffic network with the most rewarding PayBack Program on the Internet is Finally Available to the English Market.

The PayBack program is an innovation made by GetMyAds that allows every client to take part in the success of the company.
Thanks to our satisfied customers, we receive better conditions with the networks and for that we like to thank our customers through the PayBack program.
Every Token the moment it is purchased, becomes part of the 600 days PayBack program.
With every Token that is purchased, 40% of the $50,-, which is $20,-, goes into the PayBack Pool. The Bonus is paid via that pool. That also means the Bonus balance is dynamic and can have different values.
In average the number of Tokens sold the previous weeks will be used as benchmark.
The PayBack pool is fluctuating bonus, which GetMyAds pays out by the hour.

If you buy 10 Tokens in the Value of $500,- and the PayBack in the current Week is 1% per day, you will receive $5,- per day in 24 steps(hours), per step (hour) its $0,2083 payout.

50% of the payout will be added to your commission account and the other 50% will be added to your Re-buy account, with which you can purchase new Tokens. The credit on your commission account can also be used to purchase new Tokens

You don’t need your own website to reserve visitors with Tokens who visit GetMyAds.
You can register yourself with affiliate networks and bring Visitors to the affiliate product and create an additional income with that.
Recommended are products that the customers would buy in an instant or are emotional in nature.
Every network provides you with your own affiliate link targeting the product(s) you chose. All commissions earned from that link will be credited to your GetMyAds account.

Token take 600 days part on the PayBack pool, but if you don’t book the Ad, it will not render your token useless. You can book Ads at any time.

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