Kamis, 21 Juli 2016

how to grow up money with e dinar cryptocurrency

with e dinar my money grow 20 % (proof of stake) every month, auto mining account, grow from exchange rate, grow with refferal deposit.

Easy deposit with local bank account, or cryptocurrency like bitcoin, dogecoin, eth, ppc, etc. with e-payment  paypal, okpay, perfect money, netteller, payaza etc.

just open account free, we can spent e dinar all around the world, like e-payment.....

the money still grow and up like bitcoin....

Community E-DINAR offers several types of income:

  1. The first kind of earnings - is a guaranteed increase of E-Dinar cryptocurrency by 20% per month
  2. The second type is mining bonus, which is paid monthly from passive income of the partner in your structure from the volume growth of his personal E-DINAR cryptocurrency, to the seventh level of depth. (Promotion bonus and referral bonus)
  3. E-DINAR, like any other currency, have the sales price and the purchase price. The third type of income - is earning at the stock exchange: buy and sell E-DINAR currency, earning from a difference of these prices!
 Get referral income....E-dinar
 Example: Your personally invited purchased 1000 E-DINAR.
His monthly passive income is 20% from 1000, ie 200 E-DINAR
Your mining bonus from his passive income is 25% from 200 E-DINAR, ie 50 E-DINAR.
This bonus is credited to you on the bonus purse on a daily basis in equal installments throughout the month. From month to month.

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