Minggu, 08 November 2015

Free faucet gb, posw, rads, rdd, coin to your wallet every 24 hours automate on poswallet.com


Dear Member,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in btcpop Starting today, you will receive free coins, pow, gb, bitbean, rdd, nav, pie, btc, fand more free faucet cryptocurrency

PoSW dividends are paid out to all addresses on a monthly basis - the number of PoSW coins sent out is directly related to the earnings of that month.

Every address with a non-zero balance can earn PoSW dividends. Please make sure your PoSW are either on your local computer or at PoSWallet.com at dividend time.

We try to withhold dividends from exchange addresses.

adding new ways all the time. One of the fastest way to increase bonuses is to refer your friendsto us. Simply send the following link to them and they will automatically be placed under you.

The daily referral bonus is explained in more detail on:poswallet
in the lower right area of the page.

Our partners ICOTimeline set up a competition with big POSW prizes:
Win POSW Coins! One COMPETITION, 10 Winners! 15 Ways to Enter! Enter now!.
Once again, for your reference, your referral link is:


Staking is the way that Proof-of-Stake coins provide blockchain stability and consistency - when a block is staked, coins are generated to reward the wallet address for participating in the network. At PoSWallet, these coins are then disbursed throughout the community.

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